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Title: Roses
Fandom: Final Fantasy II & IX, Dissidia
Pairing: Firion & Kuja
Rating: K
Warnings: None?
Summary: After returning home, Firion remembers.
Notes: Arguably one of the hardest to write, because there's so little to go on, but what little there is makes me ship it.

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Title: Flower Ambush
Fandom: Final Fantasy VII
Pairing: Zack & Kadaj
Rating: K
Warnings: None?
Summary: Zack is an idiot. That is all.
Notes: Set in the same universe as Flowers and Idiots, obviously.

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Title: Decisions
Fandom: Arc the Lad: Twilight of Spirits
Rating: T
Warnings: None.
Summary: Ficlet, intended to be part of a larger piece of snapshots of how Kharg and Darc's relationship developed over the years post-game. At Twenty-One, Kharg makes a decision, Darc does not like it.
A/N: I started writing, finished one scene and then half of the other. Then looked at what I was doing and went 'yeah, not doing that again, short fic Chaos'. I will finish and post it to another site later, just this bit for now until this month is over.

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In the interests of starting up writing again and generally being social and such, I am going to attempt this again. (Yes, I know I haven't completed one since '08, yes I know that I haven't talked with about half of this list since.... the last time I attempted it at the very latest, yes I also know that hardly anyone is watching this, if anyone is at all.) I am going to do it, it will be done and I will be happy.

If you are watching this and you are on the list and not happy about what I put down/would prefer something else, just comment here and we'll change it <333. If you are watching this and you are not on the list, comment with what you would like and you'll be added to it <3.

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