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Whoops, skipped a day again -and forgot to cross post to LJ on top of that-, but updates went as scheduled and I'm feeling really good about them <3.

Writing is fun again for the first time in I don't know when, I think it's because I don't have 'why are you doing this when you should be doing this, this and this?' looming over my head. It's nice, relaxing even, especially when I write above the word count I've set for each chapter <3. Though Diplomacy is falling behind, but that will most likely change once I really get into it, Shades is too, but not by as much, I can probably make it up next update, but D needs about, oh... 2000 words next chapter to make it up completely.

I can do it, I know I can.

Ok, and now onto things I haven't written yet. I haven't started talking about the FF9 ficlet series I'm planning yet, have I? Because I really miss writing Kuja and I'm not ready to tackle rewriting the first few chapters of Kuja's school for black mages -also, needs to be retitled-. I'm thinking about setting it post-game, with Kuja and Zidane traveling around with Tantalus, performing and discussing what they're doing. It hits all the right places in my Theatre nerd heart and I think it'd be really fun to write.

Stalling on Dragon Knights and I can just about taste the Oblivion one, maybe if I actually play it -Skyrim is what I'm playing now-, it'll actually form and leap out of my head. The Hp one needs a bit more thought, what it really comes down to is: do I want to deal with the crazy that will eventually spawn from it?

Not sure what the answer is yet.
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