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Chaos ([personal profile] chaos_silk) wrote2015-01-15 08:08 pm
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[Daily Bits] 1-15-2015

Ok, so I kind of failed for a couple days, but it's been a bad week. It's been cold, rainy and have I mentioned that I absolutely abhor the winter season? Because I do. Either snow or don't bother at all. -Cue disgruntled muttering and swearing at the sky-.

Moving Fortune Smiles' update from Monday to Tuesday because really who do I think I am kidding pretending I can get anything done on a winter Monday.

S&S will be updated tomorrow, I already have a scenario in mind and will be tackling it as soon as I finish here. As will Diplomacy which doesn't have many readers, but is still fun to write <3. I don't know what my problem is with Fortune Smiles, I guess because it's not humor?

DK ficlet series is half-way to completion, by which I mean as soon as I open the document and write the last few paragraphs. I have two other fics which I am going to write as soon as the damp lets up.

I hate the cold.

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