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Chaos ([personal profile] chaos_silk) wrote2015-01-10 02:19 pm
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Daily Blather <3.

Right, since my sister is reading this and because it will probably be good for me, daily writings in my journal and possibly drabbles too if I can talk myself into it.

Today, I updated Diplomacy(FF.N Mirror). Which is gen and fun to write. Final word count for ff.n was 1234 and that makes me laugh more than I probably should. It's good though, because my word count was falling and I'd really like to average at least a thousand words per chapter. Diplomacy falls a thousand short, sadly, but I plan on making up for it. It is also safe for my sister to read should she choose to.

Yesterday was Shades and Surprises, which is so fun to write, like you have no idea how fun it is to write it. I'm trying to recapture that old Turks and Toothbrushes fun, but with my updated writing style and not quite so... short? It's fun to compare and see how much I've grown, but I think it also kind of shows how depressed and exhausted I've been since then. Doesn't have an AO3 mirror because... well because I thought it didn't suit that archive and I was kind of nervous because it's the first 'fun' thing I've written in ages. Now there's too much to copy over and I'm sure it's existence will annoy someone so ff.n it stays unless I do something positively brilliant with it (which I highly doubt I will). Again, sister safe if she's poking around.

Monday I will be updating Fortune Smiles(FF.N Mirror). Which is Dark Cloud oriented, focusing on the times in between, the spaces that aren't covered as well by the game as they should have been. It's more action oriented than my usual writing. Sister-safe, and I'm kind of interested in seeing what she has to say about it.

I will also be updating regrets sometime this month, maybe. If I can find where I hid my copy of Golden Sun.

I have plans to write a dragon knights ficlet series, a final fantasy ix ficlet series and several other things because it is weird only having three fics that update regularly and only one of which brings in loads of comments. Also Dragon Knights is awesome and I have no idea why I ever stopped writing in it because I love it so much. Plus, Final Fantasy IX is a fun setting and I can do just about anything with it, there's endless theatre possibilities and it will probably circle around that as opposed to what happened last time. Dragon Knights will pick up where the manga left off and try to highlight the fact that even though everything is different, nothing has really changed.

Also other stuff that I plan on writing and don't have the time to outline here because wow I have typed a lot and that is kind of making me nervous, next time will either be straight up fic or talking more about what I plan to do.