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Advent Drabbles <3.

Yes, it's getting to be that time again -two months, but still-, and yes, I am going to attempt it again, even though I haven't written daily like I said I was going to do. I'm inspired and motivated, and it's not going to be an attempt, I am going to accomplish this, every single day -with a huge buffer-. And then... I don't know if I'll ever do it again, but I'll try.

So yes, butchered the list from last time, shifted some things around and found where I hid my prompt generator.

Wish me luck -and if you're listed and it's not something you want, then tell me-.

This year's drabbling schedule.

1.) Arc The Lad, Darc x Kharg for [ profile] simply_a_muse_d and [ profile] doomflower84
2.) Original, Caim x Xaphan for [ profile] doomflower84
3.) Final Fantasy VII, Zack x Kadaj for [ profile] chibi_envy_chan
4.) Final Fantasy: Dissidia, Kuja x Firion for [ profile] ijuuinseira
5.) Avengers, Thor/Loki for [ profile] stargazer_abeo
6.) Persona 4, Adachi x Dojima for [ profile] lolliscythe
7.) Final Fantasy IX, Kuja x Zidane for [ profile] firehedgehog
8.) Final Fantasy VII, Rufus x Reno.
9.) Mana Khemia, General Series for all of [ profile] mana_khemia_fic.
10.) Chrono Trigger, Magus, for [ profile] kots02
11.) Legend of Dragoon, Lloyd x Dart for [ profile] caersidydd
12.) Final Fantasy VIII, SeiferxSquall for [ profile] aquata232
13.) Eternal Poison, Retica for [ profile] queen_chihuahua
14.) Legend of Zelda, the Gerudo Race, for Satoh.
15.) [Dot]Hack\\G.U, Doppelganger/Haseo for [ profile] ijuuinseira, who is evil and inspires me to write crack.
16.) Dragon Warrior IX, The -crack- adventures of Chaos and Riho, for mah baby sister.
17.) Naruto, Hinata, for my boyfriend~ <3.
18.) Escaflowne, Dilandau
19.) Breath of Fire, General Series.
20.) Silent Hill
21.) Legend of Legaia, Gi x Vahn.
22.) Dark Cloud.
23.) Golden Sun, Isaac x Mia.
24.) Godchild, Cain Hargreaves and Jizabel Disraeli
25.) Devil & Devil, Ios x Sword
26.) Prince of Tennis, Niou Masaharu x Yagyuu Hiroshi
27.) X/1999, Subaru x Kamui
28.) Star Ocean 3, Fayt x Albel
29.) Golden Sun, Felix x Isaac.
30.) Lux-Pain, Liu Yee/Saijo Atsuki.
31.) Resident Evil, Leon.

Alternate Fandoms/Pairings that may or may not get written:
Community, Troy/Abed for [profile] stargazer_abeo
God!Crack Ficlets for [profile] aquata232
Chained Fire Ficlets for [profile] aquata232
Darker than Black.