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[God!Crack] Selfish

Title: Selfish.
Fandom: God!Crack.
Pairing: ApolloxHermes.
Rating: T.
Warnings: None <3.
Summary: It's not that Apollo doesn't love him....
Notes: Written for Ama's b-day <3333. Happy Birthday, and I'm sorry I disappeared for so long.

It's not that Apollo doesn't love him, he does, sometimes with everything he has.He promised, after all, to love him above all others and if there was one thing a god of truth didn't do, it was going back on his word. He'll love him until the end of days and beyond. And it's not that he doesn't trust Hermes, well, a part of it is, Hermes is the god of lies and even when he doesn't intend to, there will always be some deception hidden in his words, instead of trusting Hermes, Apollo trusts himself to be able to sniff out any falsehood and know the truth that Hermes keeps close to his heart -he likes to think that he knows his brother-god better than he knows himself, and, even if the rest of the world denies it, he's right-. He knows that Hermes will never intentionally betray him, will never permanently wound him, and that whatever he does the rest of the time, he will always return to his arms because it is Apollo that he truly loves deep down.

However, the problem is that whenever Apollo sees him with another lover -whether it only exists in Apollo's imagination or not-, he burns hotter than he does when he's in his chariot. No matter how old he and Hermes get, no matter how mad Hermes gets at him for doing it, he cannot let any dalliance go unpunished -even when he himself is out bedding any of their siblings that are willing-. Hermes is *his*, and everyone should know it. Hermes is his, and he doesn't want him to be hurt, ever -which is where every relationship but theirs leads, Apollo has *seen* it-. He loves too deeply, too fully, gets attached far too easily, and can't see that it's that attachment that will cause him pain.

So Apollo rages and explodes, doing the damage himself, because no matter what, he *loves* Hermes and it's better that Hermes has something to blame for his love's misfortune -Apollo will never shy away from being the 'bad' guy- than blaming himself or watching them wither away like grapes in the sun. It's easier, he thinks, and knows that the fact that he is doing it for Hermes's sake is partially a lie -only partially, it is the truth, but not the whole truth-.

He is selfish, after all

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