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Fic!Bit - Failure Song

Title: Failure Song
Fandom: Final Fantasy VII
Pairing: Gen!fic
Rating: T
Warnings: Off-screen violence. Restraint.
Summary: The trio of morons has failed another mission. Their excuse is typical. Sephiroth is not pleased -when is he ever?-
Notes: Testing out my random slips of paper.

Prompt: Capture, Failure, Song.

"I cannot possibly imagine," Sephiroth stated slowly, tone dripping heavily with disdain as he addressed the three soldiers affectionately known as the trio of morons. "Why I ever expect the three of you to complete even the simplest of missions without wrecking the whole thing. Anything that I assign to you is immediately doomed from the start."

"But sir." One protested, still standing perfectly straight as Sephiroth was trying to glare him into the next room and out the window conveniently located across from his office. "We did manage to capture the target this time."

"But we let him go." Two continued, despite Sephiroth's sudden, rage-induced headache. The General stifled a groan, reaching up to rub the bridge of his nose. The only thing that kept him from reaching for his weapon was the thought of the stacks of paperwork he would have to fill out if the three spontaneously lost their heads while in his office. That, and the fact that he would have to pay for the carpet to be replaced. Again.

"Tell me." He spoke through gritted teeth, wishing he had a suicide mission he could send the three on and never have to deal with them again. On the other hand, they had unfortunately survived every one he had sent them on, and nearly ruined their operations for the entire area in one case, so it was probably not worth the effort. However, it didn't stop him from wishihing. "Why did you let him go?"

"He knew the song." Three piped up for the first time since stepping inside the office, a big grin on his face. Sephiroth bit back his query of 'what song' and shook his head, knowing better than to go down that road. There was only one proper response, no matter how much he wanted to resort to violence.

He sighed, placing both hands firmly on his desk, staring each of them in the eye. None of them flinched, but they did look away as quickly as they could. "Get out of my office."

"Yes sir."