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Title: Half--Forgotten.
Fandom: Legend of Dragoon
Pairing: Lloyd x Dart. (Implied)
Rating: T
Warnings: MxM, FxM, memory loss, manipulation. OOC? yes, OOC.
Summary: The more time he spends away from Shana, the more he remembers.
Notes: Uh, heh heh heh. Pretend you saw this up earlier/before midnight, yes/yes? Also, I like playing around with the whole, the moon child forces the world to beat to their drum thing, it opens up all sorts of horrible situations. Ugh. This is terrible. I will write a better version soon.

His memories were sketchy )
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Title: Hero
Fandom: Legend of Legaia
Pairing: None <3.
Rating: K
Warnings: Spoilers.
Summary: Vahn reflects on Drake’s castle, and what it took to get there.
Notes: I love this game so much. So, so very much.

... )
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Title: Playing Nice
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: Draco x Harry (If you turn your head and squint.)
Rating: K
Warnings: None?
Summary: Being an adult means playing nice and not punching people you dislike in the face. Being an adult means you don’t miss fighting in the schoolyard.
Notes: It’s times like this that I realize that I really have outgrown writing schoolboys smutting it up in closets and have moved on to adults. It makes things less awkward, and more amusing.

Bluh. )
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Ok, so I kind of failed during December -and I kind of failed at keeping track of LJ/DW too, whoops-, but it's May and it's my birthmonth and god darn it, I've been in fandom more than half my life now, so I should be able to do this.

You know the drill by now, one-three drabbles per day every day until either my birthday or the end of the month, whichever I choose to slack off by -usually it's day ten, let's just be honest-. However, since it is my birthmonth and I prefer what I'm writing to be personal, no requests this time <3. Honestly, I chose these pairings as the ones I have liked for a long time -and more importantly, can write easily-. This list is subject to change at my whims, and may not be completed at all.

Here is what I've chosen~ )


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