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Title: Emotional Confusion [10/12/12]
Fandom: Legend of Dragoon
Pairing: Lloyd x Dart, Dart x Shana
Rating: T
Warnings: MxM, MxF.
Summary: Dart has feelings for Shana, that much is obvious, but the more she wishes he would love her, the more he does, and that scares him a bit. –Snippets-.
Notes: Ok, so there are a lot of things that can be done with LoD. Considering that the main pairing is… in my opinion, coerced and ½ of it is a literal Canon-Sue with manipulation powers, I will probably never shut up about it. I already have a massive long-fic planned explaining this, so enjoy this short little drabble.

Dedicated to Caer <3, who writes awesome stuff and does awesome things.
December 10th 2012 )
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Title: [10/12/12]
Fandom: Chrono Trigger
Characters: Magus
Rating: T
Warnings: Spoilers. And maybe some accidental implications of Magus/Crono.
Summary: Magus reflects on the team and how he fits into it. Normally the two most silent characters understand each other, but it feels that there’s something missing.
Notes: Two at once, go me!!. I succeeded at something.

Dedicated to Kots/Ben <3. Who is, as always, amazing, awesome, and adorably amusing –which must be how Star puts up with you <3-.
December 10th 2012 )
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Title: Mix It [9/12/12]
Fandom: Mana Khemia
Characters: Roxis, Vayne, Jess.
Rating: T
Warnings: None? Explosions.
Summary: A typical assignment. Vayne’s first attempt doesn’t satisfy, Jess ‘improved’ hers in terrifying ways, so it’s up to Roxis to save the day and keep them all from failing. Again.
Notes: Let us pretend this was on time, yes? Yes. Sunday was awful. I’m pretty sure I’ve written something like this before. Ahh well, I can’t remember, so here it is.

Dedicated to all the lovely people over at [Bad username or unknown identity: ”ManaKhemiaFic”]. I know I’m an awful mod who only peeks in every now and then, but I appreciate you all <3. –This will be posted around once everything’s done <3, I’m being lazy at the moment-.
December 9th 2012 )
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Title: Trying not to stand out. [8/12/12]
Fandom: Final Fantasy VII
Characters: Rufus, Reno & Tseng
Rating: T
Warnings: Crossdressing.
Summary: Rufus told Reno to pick something inconspicuous for standing guard at a dinner party. In retrospect, he should have picked out the outfit himself.
Notes: Ugh, this week. I swear I am going to get a post in extremely early next week and keep with it.

Hmm, I’ve honestly forgotten who this was for, I think it was a RL friend I’ve lost touch with <3. So if you like it, just assume it’s for you <3.
December 8th 2012 )
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Title: Theatre [7/12/12]
Fandom: Final Fantasy IX
Pairing: Kuja x Zidane.
Rating: T
Warnings: Creepy!Kuja is creepy. Technical incest. One male perving on another.
Summary: Years after abandoning his brother-replacement, he rediscovers him in the last place he’d ever think to look.
Notes: I have a headache. I wonder why /sarcasm. Allow me to gush over this pairing <3. Set Pre-game, but pretending that Zidane is a few years older than he’s believed to be, just so I don’t scream… My Kuja-voice remains as creepy and disturbing as ever *shudder*.

For Fire. Who has talked me into so many fics with this pair. I swear I’ll update Lost Angels of Hearts soon/
December 6th 2012 )
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Title: Playing Pretend [6/12/12]
Fandom: Persona 4
Pairing: Adachi x Dojima, Souji x IT.
Rating: Mt
Warnings: MxM, Disturbing themes.
Summary: You play at pretending to be a family, just as well as you play every other role you have fallen in to –Son, Leader, Friend, Lover-. [Souji, 2nd Person]
Notes: I got distracted by Muse, I have no excuse and I may or may not have been drinking. Woo~!. Set during game,

For Jamie, who I know adores and plays this pairing everywhere she can.
December 6th 2012 )
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Title: Brotherly Bonds [5/12/12]
Fandom: MCU
Pairing: Loki x Thor.
Rating: M.
Warnings: MxM, Incest –raised as brothers, so it counts-, bondage, sex, implied or otherwise and manipulative behavior.
Summary: “Remember Brother, if you don’t want this, all you have to do is scream.”
Notes: So, um, about the only thing I know about Thor is that he entertains me. I slept through his movie –multiple times, just could not get into it- so, don’t expect much on that front. I did, however, watch the Avengers repeatedly because it made me giggle. Also, I should not be allowed to name things, ever. Extremely late, because I’m fighting off a cold. Um yes, also, I think someone might want to kill me in the future.

For Star, who is without a doubt awesome and deserves this and more <333.
December 5th 2012 )
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Title: [4/12/12]
Fandom: Dissidia.
Pairing: Kuja x Firion
Rating: T
Warnings: MxM,
Notes: Set sometime in the twelfth cycle, when Kuja is trying to switch sides and help his adorable little brother instead of being the obsessive-psycho he normally is <3. Late again, because distractions.

For Mandi, who is an evil, evil temptress who makes me write crack all the time –but I love you for it anyway-.
December 4th 2012 )
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Title: Feathery Disaster [3/12/12]
Fandom: Final Fantasy VII.
Characters: Zack x Kadaj
Rating: T
Warnings: MxM, violence.
Summary: In which Zack leaves yet another offering in Kadaj’s office, Tseng warns him and somehow manages to piss him off in the process, which leads to him setting off his ‘gift’. Can’t you tell that Kadaj just loves his life?
Notes: ‘Of Flowers’!verse, because it’s amusing, completely non-canon and probably the only one that a ZackxKadaj pairing can happen in and be plausible. Translation: This is crack, I love reading/writing/plotting crack. Should be obvious by now~ <3. Late this time, because I got distracted last night.

For Chibi, who is a sweetheart <3 and totally deserves more of this pairing written in her name.
December 3rd 2012 )
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Title: Wasted Potential [2/12/12]
Fandom: Original
Characters: Caim x Xaphan
Rating: T
Warnings: MxM, most likely violence and language.
Summary: Xaphan rants. Caim listens. Or doesn’t. Talking to him is like talking to a wall sometimes.
Notes: Will probably not make sense to anyone but me, Doom and anyone who has read the roleplays with these two.

For Doom, partly because I wanted an excuse to write with these two again and partly because I know she loves them <3.
December 2nd 2012 )
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Title: Brother. [1/12/12]
Fandom: Arc the Lad: ToS
Characters: Darc, Kharg.
Rating: T
Warnings: Implied violence. If you tilt your head and squint, twincest of the mxm flavor.
Summary: Post-game Darc’s thoughts on siblings and his relationship with his twin.
Notes: Ehehehehehehe I started early and still ended up procrastinating writing this until the very last second, because I discovered that I cannot stand having something finished without immediately sharing it with the world. Was supposed to be twincest but became more…. Brotherly and reflective than I intended. I’m not happy with it, exactly, but the point is to write <3.

For Muse. Because she is awesome and I adore her, and also for Doom, who I also adore and is awe-inspiring <3.
December 1st 2012 )
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Still alive, still kicking, and I actually lasted on writing something at least once a day every day longer than I though -unfortunately, most of you won't see it because it was either in a notebook that I'm too lazy too find, or posted as an rp response to a locked comm/invite-only forum site.... Of course, that isn't to say I didn't flake out eventually, but I did much better than I thought I would.

Which brings me to my current point, since I've done so well, -lasted a couple months-, I've decided to try and attempt writing my December Drabbles again. I think a month ought to be enough time to write up a sizable buffer, so even if I do have an off day, I can still keep going.

If you're on the list -I just butchered the one from the last attempt, which in turn was taken from the one before that-, and you'd like something other than what's listed, just comment here with what you'd like instead, and I'll change it as soon as I see it -provided I know the fandom and can write it-. If you're not on the list, and you'd like me to write something for you, again, just comment here <3.

Click here to see current, but not final list. )

x-posted from my dreamwidth account. I'll try to keep both accounts active, and drabbles will also be posted to my AO3 account, if I can be bothered.

Much love, Happy Holidays~ <3.

From Chaos.


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