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Title: The Question.
Fandom: [Dot]Hack\\G.U
Pairing: Mainly Doppelganger/Haseo, but with some implied Kuhn/Haseo, and Kuhn/every moving target too~.
Rating: T
Warnings: Implied Boy love, unwilling molestation and *gasps* not real sex.
It was only supposed to be a quick and simple solo run-through of a low level field to stock up on enough items to keep Gaspard happy -and more importantly, quiet- for a week or so, but, of course, when one's username is Haseo, things are never quite as easy as they should be.
A/N: You know who you are and you know what you did. You better enjoy this as much as I enjoyed writing it <3. Going up on FF.N in the morning. Also, why did I not have a crack tag until now?

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Just copied and pasted directly from the document.

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Title: The Legend of Pi: Kuhn’s Awakening.
Fandom: [dot]hack/Zelda cross.
Warnings: The fairy’s identity changes at random.
Summary: Several drabbles placed in a universe in which the [dot]hack characters have replaced the Zelda ones. The prompts are taken from the conversation in which [ profile] ijuuinseira and I discussed the possibility of this.

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I did it. And now, I want to write more o.O.
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Title: December 15, 2008: [Dot]Hack\\G.U
Fandom: [Dot]Hack\\G.U
Warnings: Some shonen-ai in the second, but nothing serious.
Summary: Two cute drabbles.

Toy )

molestation )

Yes, my Endrance is oddly pushy. And my Haseo tends to whine a lot.


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