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If you are reading this, I assume you're curious about me. If I'm reading this, I need to skip over this part and down to the bottom where I keep a list of what I am currently working on.

That said, hello there, I am Chaos. I'm currently in my late-twenties, soon to be early thirties. I'm female, asexual and currently happily married to a wonderful man. I like many things, which sometimes changes on what day of the week it is, but at the core of it I like dragons, fantasy and men who are in love with other men.

Despite my past self's claims, I write primarily gen fic, with a side of m/m every now and then. I tend to focus on the humorous side for short fic and then dive into the dark side of things for my longer works. I like exploring a variety of things, be it 'what would the characters do with this?' or 'what would have happened if x was different?' or even, in rare circumstances, 'what if x and x were really connected'.

My main fandoms are Arc the Lad and Final Fantasy VII. There are also a few I drift in and out of because I have no attention span and no motivation, but I always drift back to those two.

I am currently Chaos_Silk (CrimsonChaos) on AO3, FF.N and GaiaOnline. I am watching all three though I will admit that I am on gaia a bit more if not just to play dress-up.

Anyway, I tend to try not to describe myself and allow others to describe me instead, so if you want to know me better, just start talking, I promise I'll listen <3.

This list is for me and I make no promises that anything on it will actually be written or posted.

In no particular order:

- Transform that one Arc drabble into a full fic.
- Either finish or post what I have for the Laguna/Zack!verse.
- Practical Magic (Kuja's School for Black Mages Rewrite)
- Hp & OWA Rewritten Rewrite (Oops)
- Convoluted - Next chapter.
- Summoner!Tidus AU.
- Dragon Knights & FFIX Ficlet Series.
- FFVII Fic based on This and also a reminder to add more to the list.
- Hp & The Sorceress's Song. May just meld with HP & OWA and be done with it.
- Time traveling Reno fic <333.
- Something for [dot]hack for Mandi-kins <333.
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