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Title: Roses
Fandom: Final Fantasy II & IX, Dissidia
Pairing: Firion & Kuja
Rating: K
Warnings: None?
Summary: After returning home, Firion remembers.
Notes: Arguably one of the hardest to write, because there's so little to go on, but what little there is makes me ship it.

When Firion returns home, it's like he never left. Literally. Everything was exactly as he left it and when he went downstairs to hug Maria, she informed him that she had just seen him this morning when he held her for seven minutes and didn't let go. It's almost like he never left at all, except...

He remembers everything about the cycles he fought in. Everything.

He remembers his friends -who he will never see again-, he remembers the sacrifices made and the adventures they had. But most of all, he remembers Kuja, he remembers the quiet conversations, remembers how the man gradually fell apart with each death and reincarnation -though his other self didn't know that, but he remembers everything-. He remembers how much he liked the man, once upon a time.

He still likes him, still remembers him.

When he finally managed to breed white roses with purple tips, he builds a gravestone to everyone he lost and thought forgotten.


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