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Title: If Horses were Headaches.
Fandom: Arc the Lad: ToS
Pairing: Gen <3.
Rating: K
Warnings: None.
Summary: A horse is not a housepet, no matter what Darc thinks.
Notes: ....Still playing with my pizza box of paper slips.

Prompt: Magic, Fate, Horse.

"Darc." Kharg stated slowly, keeping one eye on his brother and one eye on the beast he had just dragged into their home. "Why is there a horse in my living room?"

"Our living room." Darc corrected, grinning smugly. "And it's my new pet." Kharg groaned, covering his face with one hand. This was not the first pet Darc had brought home, nor would it be the last. It was just the biggest.

"You can't keep a horse as a pet." Kharg pointed out stiffly, trying to ignore the mess the creature was making. Or at least, not in the house, as his mother had informed him when a noble had gifted one to him on his birthday. It had been donated to the defense force, and he had yet to figure out its fate.

"Yes I can." Darc huffed, crossing his arms and stomping one foot on the ground like a toddler as he glared at the wall. He was not going to let Kharg win this time. He wanted to have a pet.

"No, you can't."

"Yes. Maru said that it was a magical horse. I'm keeping it."



"I'm not even going to address the fact that Maru is the source of your argument, because that speaks for itself, but if it was a magical horse, wouldn't you know instantly as opposed to someone informing you?"

".... damn it."
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