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Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce myself, I am Chaos, your semi-friendly neighborhood lurker. I write, I read, I roleplay, I bounce around like a squirrel who has ingest too much caffeine. I'm closer to thirty than twenty, blonde-haired, grey-eyed and female.

I like to think of myself as a pretty friendly person, though a bit antisocial, but easy to talk to and get along with -this might, however be my own delusion-. I am calm, polite and capable of holding a civil conversation with just about anyone -including people I despise-. I do not believe in hurting other peoples' feelings needlessly, and therefore tend to keep my opinions to myself unless asked outright, and even then I might mince my words and dance around the subject a little.

When it comes to writing, I tend to stick to certain fandoms, specifically small ones with very little fic to offer because instead of being able to find decent quality easily, I either have to look for it in strange places or write it myself. I tend to be everywhere at once, and am pretty hard to track down unless you know where to look -and even then, I might have wandered off-.

If by any chance, you want to strike up a conversation with me, feel free to. I like to discuss things with people, and I do not bite unless you are rude or aggressive.

Other places you might find Chaos:

FF.N: Chaos_Silk.

Ao3: ArticulateChaos - Chaos Silk.


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